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HSN Connect is what homeschool athletics is missing! Although it does happen, very few homeschool high school athletes will play college sports at the D1 level. However, MANY will play at D2, D3, or NAIA schools. These schools are looking for talented, driven and academically focused student athletes but do not know where to find them. That is where we come in! HSN Connect puts you directly in front of these coaches. Not in a place for them to hopefully go find you, but delivered directly to their desk! Coaches are already asking to speak with our athletes about recruiting them so why not you?



Fill out the

Connect Form by clicking GET STARTED below and tell us about yourself and what type of school you are looking for.

We create a Connect Profile for you with pictures, videos, stats and more and display it on our website and other media outlets.

We market you directly to coaches and schools looking for athletes just like you through direct mail, email and in our magazine and social media outlets.

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