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Mike has coached Homeschool basketball for 12 years and been Athletic Director for 8. He has seen many of his teams ranked in the top 20 nationally. His passion for homeschool sports and experience in the publication field is what drives HSNation. He hopes to encourage athletes all over the nation as well as advocate and shed light on homeschooling and homeschool sports. Mike has homeschooled all three of his kids and seen the fruits and advantages of the homeschool community.



Creative Director

Alex has served the homeschool community as a varsity basketball coach and loves the opportunity that homeschool sports provides athletes all over the nation. His professional experience as a Creative Director and Graphic Designer allows him to create beautiful media designs that tell the stories of homeschool athletes and encourage other athletes in their respective sports.




Susie has experience writing for the NFL as well as a writing/editing for Boxing and other events. Her love for writing and encouraging others comes together perfectly as the Editor for HSNation. She always writes with a positive mindset with the hopes that the reader will be inspired to take action and achieve success. Susie is in charge of the editorial team and making sure that all of the articles flow and work well together.

Here at HSNation, we want to tell the world about the incredible athletes of homeschool sports. We believe that homeschool sports provide an excellent opportunity for athletes to grow on a personal level, as well as preparing them for the future. We want the world to know about homeschool sports and what it has to offer and encourage as many students as we can to become athletes as well.

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